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Calling all the fellow freestyle fighting lovers... Are you frustrated of endless loading of crappy flash supported websites on your mobile browser? Are you tired of squinting your eyes to read the content? Are you searching for an app that gives you all the latest news in the world of freestyle fighting?! Look no further.... We are here to save you from all your frustrations and tiresome searches. Meet the "FightClub".
FightClub is made for the freestyle fighting lovers, by a group of freestyle fighting lovers. We like to stay on top of the latest news in the world of MMA and we like to share it all with you. We were as frustrated as you are by endlessly scrolling to try and find specific information about a certain MMA event, and then a ray of hope kicked us off to the path of nirvana. We started planning to solve our problem by developing a solution ourselves. A solution that will enrich our experience in getting all the news we want about the world of freestyle fights and we thought while we are at it, we might as well get more than just news. Behold, the Fight Club app, we hope you like our effort.
Designed with ease of use in mind and specifically using some of the awesome iOS native features our brilliant designers have managed to put in some nice touches, keep an eye out for them, if you find a nice feature you like, mention in your review, if something is annoying you, let us know (via support email and not in the reviews ;) ) Just kidding.... We sincerely hope you like our attempt. Don't worry, we have plenty of features planned in, which will be developed very soon and trust us, you will like them... Well, at least we hope you will.
We are always open for ideas and would like to hear from you, please use the form on the right to get in touch.
Now off to the exciting part - (Features)
* News - Content provided by the ultimate sources of mixed martial arts news. If you want the latest news, results and upcoming events, look no further than FightClub.
* Social - if you want to know what Steve Harvey or Holly Holm are thinking (who doesn't!), then flip over to the "Twitter" or "Reddit" section and see the latest tweets and reddit posts from the world of freestyle fighting. If someone has hash tagged some smack talk about Joe Rogan, here's where to find it.
* Sharing - Like an article? The latest news on the PPV matchup burning a hole in your pocket? Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by text message.
* Events - Yep, we've got you covered, now you can find all the information about past, upcoming and also live events within the app.
* Navigation to the event venue - What's that, you've got the best tickets to the next fight but not sure how to get to the venue? Don't worry, you can see the location of the venue on a map within the app and can directly launch navigation plotted and ready to go from within the app.
* Fighters - All your favourite fighters are here now with weightclass filters. Check them out with all the info related to their fights, wins and loses.
* Videos - Did you miss a highlight or a weighing up event? Catch all the action within our video section.
* Photo Galleries - Catch frame by frame action for all your favourite events. Tap and hold for a sneak peek (kind of the "peek" feature for all those lovely people without the fancy new iPhone 6S) and slide up to share the best moments with your friends and followers. (kind of the "pop" feature if you don't own the new iPhone 6S)
* Push Notification - Stay up to date with our rich push notification delivering the latest news as an when it happens.
* User friendly - You want the latest news as quickly as Ronda Rousey can get knocked out, so our app puts the content where you want it - in your hands. No waiting for sites to load, just what you want, when you want it.
Please don't forget to like us on Facebook and Twitter and leave a review. (direct link within the info section of the app) It means a lot to us.


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